Holly Priestley

"Extremely efficient is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Holly." - Kristin S.

I was born in the PNW and raised all over the country, finally settling in the southwest. Living in Colorado has been a dream - my dog and I like to take advantage of the mountains, the city and the breweries. Meeting new people, seeing new places and trying new things are part of the reason I love doing what I do! Having jumped into my own real estate endeavors at the age of 24, I know how to get first-timers into their ideal homes. I also have experience as an investor and can help others make the right decisions about the viability of homes in different areas, different states of completion and rentability.

Having lived all over Denver and the Front Range, I know which areas are going to suit my clients best, I'm looking forward to helping you find your next home or investment property!

Kristin S.

Extremely efficient is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Holly. We had the pleasure of working together on planning an event and she was a joy to work with. Communication is key and her response rates to every email thread never ceased to amaze me. Her worth ethic and drive are clear in the way she holds herself and I hope to work with her again soon - any company would be lucky to have her!


Holly has successfully started and finished numerous marketing projects which were mostly done for start-up companies. Using her skill to target the correct market, she was able to take many offered products and get them out to the consumer which desired the product the most. Her expertise in the field resulted in many start-up companies reaching their correct target market, introducing their product, and being well known for the products and services they provide.

Jeanne L.

8z Real Estate is the total package - everything and every service you need is under one roof. Everyone I dealt with knew their stuff, were friendly, and very helpful to me.

Becky G.

There are three main reasons why my 8z Realtors are such effective agents. They are careful listeners, know people who can get things done, and are on the cutting edge of real estate technology.